Entrance Exams 2017-2018

Entrance Exams 2017-2018

Private Demirel College welcomes all students from kindergarten children to 12th grade undergraduates.

College entrance exam for the educational year of 2016-2017 will be held on 16 of April. The students will have to pass tests in three subjects English, Georgian and Math. In order to participate in the exam willing participant should register for it untill 14 April. For registration details please call at 0322 752 458 or 0322 754 494


Primary School (1-6): 3800 GEL annual fee;
High School (7-12): 4500 GEL annual fee;

For our current students the education fees will be as follows:
Student who paid $1900, will be required to pay 4500 GEL.
Student who paid $2500, will be required to pay 6000 GEL.
Student who paid $2700, will be required to pay 6600 GEL.


1) Sibling students get a 10% discount each;
2) Sons and daughters of Private Demirel College or other Chaglar Institute personnel get  50% off;
3) Sons and daughters of Private Demirel College or other Chaglar Institute Alumni get 10% off;
4) Preparatory group students deciding to continue studying in the first grade get 10% off;
5) Prepayment of whole annual fee untill 30 April yields a 15% discount;
6) Prepayment of whole annual fee untill 30 June yields a 10% discount;


Primary school (1-6) students can use 1 discount, High school (7-12) students can use maximum of 3. Maximum amount of discount is 50%. 
Fees for High school students will not change until they graduate or move to another school. 
Fees for Primary schools student will not change until the 7th grade. This means that if this year a student starts in the first grade for a fee of 3800 GEL, this amount will not change until the end of the 6th grade. If the student decides to continue in PDC in the 7th grade, the new fee will be calculated according to that year's regualtions. 

Other Fees:

Other fees like School Uniform and Books must be paid in September. The costs are not yet known and will be revealed in the start of year 2016-2017. Books must be bought for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Turkish Language. 
Transportation is handled by a separate company and fees will be announced in Summer. 

PDC has two main languages of instruction: Georgian and English. Social subjects like history, geography, georgian literature, law, musics and art are taught in Georgian. Mathematical and natural (technical) sciences such as algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology and computer are instructed in English.

Main objective of Private Demirel College is to prepare a comfortable and peaceful environment for its     students.

All students from grade 2  to 12 will be accepted according to their English, Math and Georgian test results.