Private Demirel College General information

Private Demirel College General information

General Information

Private Demirel College is one of the most successful College of Georgia, which offers these services:

From 7th grade through 11th grade the subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics programs studies in English, and the remaining subjects in Georgian.

Students are obliged to study two additional foreign languages: Turkish and Russian.

50% discount for graduates who continue their Bachelor's at the International Black Sea University;

Availability of modern technology (projector, smart panel and the Internet) for improving the education process;

Free Olympiad groups with the help of professional teachers (particularly in mathematics, informatics  and physics) train students to successfully participate in International competitions and Olympiads;

Sending students to study, travel and live in Turkey, England and U.S. for Improving the English and Turkish languages, gaining experience and information about the culture of these countries during the summer vacations.

Turkish and Georgian experienced tutors encourage student involvement in various cultural activities (picnics, excursions, intellectual clubs, charities, etc.).

Operates an electronic journal, where parents can see student's marks and comments for each item daily (student, parent, or other family members individually can be registered in the journal entry);