Primary Section

The key tasks of Primary Level:

Our Primary level’s objectives are:
A) Create conditions for student learning opportunities and output the required skills;
B) Develop a positive attitude to learning and the world of knowledge with respect to the interest of the student;
C) Create the conditions for pupils and further develop the fundamentals , the basic cycle successfully to continue of taking possession of the knowledge , skills and attitudes to establish that he will take in the future.

First class:
a) To be used in process of developing teaching, didactic games;
b) After 15 minutes of lesson time should be given to physical activity ( 3-5 minutes)
c) Recommended lesson conducted alternately active and passive activities ( Reading homework followed by painting or role-playing games);
d) Recommended environmental should be divided into several parts , at least one of which will be devoted to recreation and leisure activities. Mandatory courses are also taught at the primary level.

At prescribed hours at first grade are added 3 hours, second grade- 4 hours, third and fourth grades- 3 hours.

Russian language:
As a compulsory subject of additional Russian language taught in class V.

Chess promotes the child’s intellectual growth , strengthening its ability to act independently, improves memory , accustoms in analyzing and finding the right road . Our school offers adults:
Chess training program I class

Additional lessons:
One of the strategies of the learning process into account individual characteristics, abilities and interests to identify and develop additional lessons of what can be achieved.

Reading hour:
School tries to fascinate reading to the students, pupils develop and express their opinions in a coherent texts of different content and purpose of reading ability . Reading lessons are held in the school , whose main priority is to develop a culture of reading.
The students are involved in the classroom and school events.
The open lessons are held by using modern technologies , where the headmasters talk about the various educational topics. Children often are involved in intellectual games , tournaments and festivals in school. Attending various performances and exhibitions. Often are organized an excursions In order to become more familiar with the history and culture of neighboring and abroad countries . Special attention is paid to spiritual and patriotic education.