Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English Exams

General Info

Private Demirel College is a recognised exam centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment. We offer a range of exams to meet different needs for all people who wish to take Cambridge English Exams. We are quite proud to announce that Private Demirel College has run various kinds of exams for a lot of candidates including its own students and enabled them to get worldwide-known certificates. Moreover, our centre offers cheap and affordable prices to exam candidates.

Cambridge English is well-known for having a long-lasting and justified reputation for excellence in creating certification exams. Over 5 million Cambridge English exams are taken each year in 130 countries. Around the world, more than 20,000 universities, employers, government ministries and other organisations rely on Cambridge English qualification as the proof of English language competency. Visit the following web-site for the further information.

Cambridge English Exam is the best way to measure applicant's progress in English language. Cambridge exams help people enter universities or colleges, improve their job prospects, etc. One of the greatest advantages of these exams is that it provides a life-long certificate.

All Cambridge English exams are developed using the principles and approaches of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the standard benchmark used internationally to describe language ability. Cambridge exams vary from A1 level for beginners up to C2 level for those who have mastered a language.

Most other English language exams do not assess the students’ skills of Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading including grammar and vocabulary knowledge. However, Cambridge Exams give a chance to people to check themselves in terms of all the above mentioned skills.