Second Home

Whole administration, staff, and student body at Private Demirel College is a multicultural community where differences are cherished and the values that are promoted are those of global citizenship and tolerance. Regardless of their ethnic, religious, social or economic status, all students as well as their parents are treated with the utmost respect and dignity without any discrimination, promoting the feeling that PDC is a home for all.

Math and Informatics Concentration

PDC’s main focus is to teach math and information technology extensively; therefore, PDC has more hours than the regular public school system in order to help our students work beyond the math and science curriculum. PDC enriches its curriculum by integrating European educational standards into its instructional model.

Experienced and Caring Teachers

Most of our 52 teachers are certified in their fields with years of experience and knowledge of subjects they teach. They not only help students easily learn subjects but assist them with extra curriculum activities and valuable advices.

European Standards

Private Demirel College enriches its educational program with European standards and teaching models. Our system is aimed to prepare students to be able to study equally well both in Georgian Universities and abroad.

Modern Technology

PDC utilizes the latest technical equipment and applications throughout the entire school. PDC’s science and computer labs are furnished with the most advanced application and IT infrastructures. Classrooms are furnished with Smartboards, LCD video projection devices, and broadband internet access.

Foreign Languages

Apart from English children are taught Russian and Turkish languages at various classes as well. Additionally, PDC offers its 10, 11 and 12 grade students to study for Cambridge English Language Assessment Exams (IELTS, YLE, PET, KET & FCE) and to take any of these exams at our college, as Demirel College is one of the licensed centers for Cambridge exams.

Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is a software application for educational establishments to manage student data. SIS provides secure, self-service web-based access to parents so they are informed about their child's daily progress in school. Parents will benefit from real-time, online access to grade averages, progress reports, homework, missing assignments, announcements, attendance and discipline information. Parents can easily access the system from any location with internet access.

Small Class & School Environment

Class sizes are small enough to allow teachers to provide effective differentiated instruction and personalize their academic support of each student to foster academic growth. Advising enables students to develop better relationships with teachers.

School Uniform

PDC has a dress code policy in order to create a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate any unnecessary competition or distractions caused by varied fashion styles. All PDC students are required to wear their school uniform every day, beginning the first day of school.