Alumni Events

PDC Alumni Reunion 2015

On 19 December 2015, Private Demirel College organized a reunion party for our graduates. All alumni from the first graduation year 1999 including 2009 were invited to this event. The meeting was held at the National Parliament Library Hall. The purpose of this meeting was to reunite our former students and teachers and to inform them about our school activities and projects. PDC Alumni Project was also officially introduced during the presentation. We hope this will be the start of a very good tradition of Reunions of PDC!


PDC keeps a close contact with its graduates, by inviting them at our schools, organizing reunions or by simply keeping in touch with them. In 2014, with initiative of several graduates, two projects were organized and implemented.


"Oceans start from tiny drops of water"

In 2014, with support of our graduates, PDC organized and implemented a couple of projects. Purpose of these projects was to encourage, reward and motivate our successful students and teachers. One project, solely funded by Akaki Meladze (2007) and his company Singular, served to sending a group of students to the Zhaukykov Olimpiad in Kazakhstan. Our students did not disappoint, as all of them won medals and positively represented both our school and our country. We would like to express our special thanks to Irakli Gogia (2006), Levan Gogia (2000), Zviad Metreveli (2006) and Akaki Meladze (2007) for their valuable ideas about launching an alumni support.

In 2015 the alumni department, along with the marketing team, is planning to organize new projects which will need support of our graduates once again.

Process of Fundraising

Projects will be approved and presented by the college administration and, considering the taxes, funds will be raised by the alumni community. The college has a separate bank account and the funds will be used only for the project related purposes. Any of our supporters in the project will be able to see and get the account details of income and expenditure with transparency. Periodically the financial report will also be shown in our website and Facebook page

Spending the funds

Through these funds, PDC will enhance its educational and material excellence. Fundraising will maintain the needy and most successful students in order to fund their education; it will also stimulate the students and teachers’ achievements in national and international competitions. Apart from that, it will enable the college to meet the material needs.

Other Events

Other events including our alumni are given below: