Civil Club "Progressive Generation"

Civil Club

Civil Club "Progressive Generation"

Civil Club at Private Demirel College was created in 2011. It allows the students to implement their ideas, Improve their civil skills, learn about the principles of team work and be motivated. The club was renamed in 2016 to work under the new name ,,Progressive Generation’’, which started its work from September. The club has developed the statute, logo, clearly defined structure, goals and priorities. It should be noted that the club membership is voluntary and combines IX and XI grade students, who collectively make decisions.

Each member of the club is aimed at active participation in public life for being free and independent, to form a worthy citizen and to participate in building a democratic state.

Top priority:


2. Development of civil society.

3. Cooperation with school structural subdivisions.

4. Volunteerism .

Club Aims :

1. Discovering the active students and develope their creative abilities.

2. Increasing the level of civic education.

3. The implementation of the appropriate events of the club (intellectual, cultural, sports).

4. Cooperation with the organizations of similar purposes and functions.

Club Structure :

1. Club is stuffed by the college students of grades IX-XII on a voluntary basis.

2. Club is managed by the president elected by the members.

3. The functions are distributed among the members of the club, the club has a public relations managers, computer provide managers, program coordinators, responsible person for photo and video recordings.

Currently the club has 20 members .

Club meets every Saturday. 


Sketch Festival 2016

2016 Sketch Festival was held in Bolnisi on 16-18 May. A team of painters from Stuttgart, Germany and Georgian local painters made several sketch sessions in this Georgian city. Private Demirel College Civil Club "Progressive Generation" and Bolnisi private school "Davitiani" student Evamaria Tamazashvili visited the exposition site and participated in the sketch making process. The students were guided by one of the organizers of the project Mr. Tornike Adamashvili.

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Visit at the "Palitra" Gallery

Private Demirel College Civil Club “Progressive Generation” visited Gallery “Palitra”, Art Studio “Kon-Tiki” and the National Georgian Gallery, where the students saw works of a famous, modern Georgian artists Niko Kherkeladze and Temur Kuliani. They also saw famous paintings of Niko Pirosmani, Davit Kakabadze and Lado Gudiashvili. 

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Visit at the environment security information and education center

Private Demirel College Civil Club “Progressive Generation” visited environment security information and education center on 8 April. The main topic of this meeting was biodiversity and guarded territories of Georgia. Presentation was made by the head of educational projects department, Mrs. Nato Sultanisvhili. Apart from club members the meeting was attended by their teachers Magda Purceladze and Eka Gabashvili.

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Trip to the Ethnographers House

Members of Private Demirel College’s Civil Club “Progressive Generation” visited the Ethnographers House on 11 March 2016. This place represents an educational facility, including scientific, material and spiritual artifacts from the history of Georgia. Students saw the miniature of Georgia, which depicts its multicultural nature.

Progressive Generation also organized a visit from a young Georgian movie Director Mr. Tornike Adamashvili, who participates in many projects. Among which is a collaborative project of Georgian Cinema Center and Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, called “Cinema School”, which entitles showing movies and discussions in various schools.

The meeting started with showing a Mikheil Kobakhidze Movie “Umbrella” (1967). After short highlights of the movie, club members saw a Wes Anderson film “Moonrise Kingdom”, which has won an Oscar nomination and several Golden Globes. After these movies, an interesting discussion was held between the club members and the director.

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Visiting Parliament

On 27th of November 2015 the Private Demirel College students, with the initiative of our civil club “Progressive Generation”, visited former Georgian Parliament building, where students learnt about the parliament history, saw offices of historic position holders in Georgian political history, along with seeing the Photo gallery named “Georgian Parliament Democracy”. 

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Seminar about NATO

In the framework of NATO week in Georgia, the founder of the Peace Foundation, Giorgi Tumasyan met with students of the 9th, 10th and 11th grades of the school of Private Demirel College.

During the meeting they discussed important aspects of the structure and aims of NATO, cooperation between NATO and Georgia, as well as issues related to Georgia's membership in NATO.

The meeting was organized within the framework of the project of the Peace Foundation "Euro-Atlantic Way". The project is supported by the Information centre about NATO and the European Union.

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,, Young Citizens Club "Tree-planting Action

Private Demirel College ,,Young Citizens Club "continues to carry out activities within the framework of environmental protection and environmental care. This time, on May 4, with the prior agreement of the member of the City Hall and the member of the the relevant department children planted cypress saplings of 50 species. The children were active turnout, 


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Training -,, How to write a successful project "

12th grader ,, Young Citizens’' Club member, the student of Private Demirel College Mary Chorgolashvili, which is one of the successful Active idea shared her knowledge and experience with 10th grader students and conducted a training - ,, How written a successful project’’. She collaborated with the organization and led PH International - attended a special course on project writing seminar Bazaleti complex.

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,, Young Citizens Club " the Cleaning Action

Private Demirel College ,, Young Citizens Club " of the spring season started under the care of environmental protection and environmental cycle. 

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Visiting the Tbilisi court of apeals

Visiting the Tbilisi court of apeals

On February 26, the members of ,,Young Citizens Club,, of Private Demirel College have been to the informative and educational tour in the Suprime Court. The students listened to the structure of the tour, the chambers of the Court of Appeal, the trial proceedings of the presentation. It should be noted that the students had the opportunity to meet the judge of the Criminal Chamber Maia Ivanidze small lecture and to receive answers to questions. Participants were awarded a gift of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), published by the city ,, law ". At the end student visited the the court building and courtrooms. 

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Visit the club's children home
On December 24, 2014 the ‘’Young Citizens Club’’ of Private Demirel College with a permission of the social manajement agency visited the family-type children’s home ‘’social partnership,, , where the 9 underprivileged children of age 8-12 lived. The little celebration was held for the children Within the project ‘’ stretched hand of friendship,, , where everyone’s favorite fairy tale’s characters took part. Children were playing games, singing Christmas songs, finally we congratulated the children with the uncoming New Year and gave them a memorable gifts and sweets. Club members also visited the 9-year old girl , who had a birthday that day . She received a birthday cake and a memorable gifts. The sincere joy of the children stimules for the future activity of civic activism.