Turkish Language Summer School

Turkish Language Summer School

Private Demirel College and the Languge and Culture Centres of Anadolu are planning to open the the Turkish Language Summer School in Antalya. The program operates in the Antalya International University building and dormitory. At the first day of the class the students will have a verification tests for knowing the levels and will get into the appropriate classes. The experienced teachers will read the lectures for the students before having a dinner , after the students will take a part in social activities. The last three days of the summer school will be devoted to the trip to Istanbul.

After-school social activities:

1. Chess tour

2. Horse riding

3. The tour to shopping-centers and the Duden waterfall

4. Different entertainments in the hostels

5. The tour in the city and the yacht trip

6. Bowling

7. Motor racing

8. Paint Ball

9. Visits and dinner with Turkish families

10. Watching movies in 5D

11. Rafting

12. Walking on the beach

13. Visiting the Antalya Aquarium

14. Visiting the ‘’Minicity’’

15. Visiting the Attractions

16. The picnics in the countryside

17. The final event of Turkish language classes

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