Our college student are actively taking part in international and national competitions and conferences:

Stored in our archive:

36 - Gold

32- Silver

43 – Bronze

It should be noted the recent success of the 2014 Olympiad of Zhautikov in Kazakhstan, where our team got 5 medals, Giorgi Skhirtladze won the gold medal, Saba Dzmanashvili (Bronze),Temu Mikava(Bronze),Giorgi Kldiashvili Bronze), Nugzar Chkhaidze (Bronze) in 2013 our students took part in the same Olympiad: Nugzar Chkhaidze (Bronze), George Skhirtladze (Silver ).

Giorgi Guliashvili won the silver medal at the ,,World Informatics Olympiad’’ IOI -2013.

On February 22, 2014 the three of our students , participated in the Republican Olympiad in Informatics and got place into the list of top ten students. Also among the all victories in Informatics Olympiads in Private Colleges , the Private Demirel College took first place.

2012 National Olympiad participated:

Ilia Kevlishvili (Chemistry) – Gold medal ,

Temur Miqava ( Informatics ) - Gold medal.